Go For It!

What a great place to work – – the Meyer Jabara Properties in the Lehigh Valley. Our “GO!” acronym challenges each associate to find the Opportunity in each day to be Grateful. We believe in an attitude of gratitude. We love our guests and it shows.

We work together to create memorable moments for guests and associates alike. We adhere to a unique culture we call “The Journey”. Together we travel through this culture learning and growing while empowering each other to make decisions and take actions.

A company’s culture is not a destination or a human resources program of the month, it is a journey. It is a collection of all the small actions and big strategies, the monumental decisions and the minute interactions which make up each day. Every company has a culture. Some choose to take what they get while others work hard to create and nurture a culture that is fundamental to their success. Meyer Jabara Hotels acknowledges the associate as a key stakeholder and works as hard to create outlandishly engaged associates as they do to create returning, raving guests. We would love to open our doors to you if you should choose to GO FOR IT!

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Internship Program Opportunity

The Center at Holiday Inn is pleased to offer internship opportunities to college students who desire to learn more about the hospitality industry. The process begins with an interview of any eligible candidates by the respective department manager to approve candidate for the position. Internship opportunities are unpaid, but offer benefits of learning in a hands-on environment with experts in the field of hospitality. Inquire with The Center at Holiday Inn by calling 610.391.1000.